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  1. I Bought the VideoPad Editor from Microsoft Store with Order number 76355xxxx. on the 31st January 2021. Now I am only able to use the Unlicenced version. Seems very funny. I paid for the real stuff but I am using the unpaid software now. I might as well not paid it earlier. But Now I'm using the Unlicensed software.. Why Why Why?
  2. I am still having the same problem.
  3. Oh My god. Now I am using the unlicensed version. My badddddd...
  4. Thanks Borate. You are the savior. Now its all good. I can add file as per normal.
  5. Hi Marquis. It will come out 'Error Loading Clip Files'. I cant even open all my previous work because its all based on the previous MP4 file. Yes. Hopefully we will get some answer here. Have you reported your problem yet by clicking Your Top Right side? Click on the 'BETA' link.
  6. Unable to add file. Why?
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