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  1. Hi, went back to Debut today and mouse recording worked, but unlike yesterday sound recording didn’t. I had changed nothing. I turned Debut off, restarted the Mac, opened Debut and BOTH work now .. no changes. Looks like the software might be a bit glitchy and temperamental. Anyway, all good just now.
  2. Hi, Thanks for getting back. Yes I did recently purchase, but saw no indication that it needed higher than OSX 10.6.8 to run. Your latest version program will not run on my old Mac. I have OSX 10.6.8 and you require a higher OSX. The problem is that I can only run Logic on my MAC ... my PC is much more up to date. Any ideas?
  3. That was a devastating discovery Josh, that I cannot use the latest version ... a version which I presume enables one to record the onscreen mouse movements. I don't suppose there is another version up from my 3.10 version which a) would enable mouse recording and b) actually run on Mac Snow Leopard? Thanks.
  4. Hi Josh The image you show in your reply does not look the same as on my screen. I have NO Cursor tab. My option tabs are : VIDEO / AUDIO / OUTPUT / HOT-KEYS / RECORD / SNAPSHOTS / SCHEDULE / OTHERS. Is this because I have somehow downloaded an old version, or perhaps because I am using a Mac and not a PC? In any case, it's not the same as yours. Where can I go from here? Thanks Dave PS Just found that there is a newer version ... but my Mac is too old to run it. Brilliant. I am running Snow Leopard on Mac 10.6.8 Can you suggest any possible workaround?
  5. Hi, new to Debut, somewhat confused, first post. I want to make some simple tutorial YouTube vids for Logic 9, an old version, (but then so am I). I can record the screen of Logic as I move chunks of music around, and the timeline shows up moving as I play the piece, but when I move the mouse to change anything, the mouse does not appear. I obviously can’t keep saying “Now if you look somewhere in the top left corner ... “, I need to show them with the mouse, but can’t see how. I have just paid for, and registered the latest version, and am using it with Snow Leopard on a Mac. Cannot believe it does not do what I bought it for. Any SIMPLE advise please, or is it money down the drain? (LOADS of YouTube vids with cursor showing what to do! ) Thanks Dave (Fairholm)
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