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  1. The institution does support OFX connections, I was able to connect using a different program through OFX. I suspect there's an issue with Moneyline but don't know for sure. I have opened up a support ticket. No word yet, I'll update the post when/if I get an answer.
  2. After installing Moneyline , selecting my bank from the list of online institutions and setting up the proper information, I tried to download transactions and received the error: "The Financial Software you are using is no longer supported." Is there any resolution to this? or am I just plain out of luck.
  3. Never mind, I uninstalled the software, re-downloaded and re-installed and now have the "Download Financial Institutions" option.
  4. I have a licensed version of Moneyline. After installation I tried to setup online banking. I check the "Enable online account access" button and when I click on the "Financial Institution" drop down there is nothing there but the "Add new Financial Institution" option. Does the software not provide any pre-defined institutions?
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