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  1. Hi Tech, yes i did, i can view the whole journal but it is all lump in together.. It's okay, i guess like you said, don't have such a feature but it would be so handy to have it instead of saving individual journals, haha maybe I got spoilt by other programs.. Nevertheless, thank you for your response.
  2. Hi, sorry perhaps I was not clear in my explanation. yes i know i can go to "journal" , to "all accounts" to view or print all or individual section, like receipts, sales, purchase but i need to print out the whole general ledger which includes detailed entries of not only receipts and banks transaction or purchases as in "all acounts" but i want all sections in the report ie trade creditors, receivables, loans, transactions, expenses, depreciation whatever it is all in one report but under different sections, with a b/f figure and a c/f figure as i have seen in other programs. I can't get that report unless i go into separate journals to print them out separately. No big issue, just thought on this program i could do that. I wish I could explain it better. I will try to find a way to try again to get what I am looking for if all else fails, i will just take it that i have to print them separately. Nevertheless, thanks for your response . much appreciated.
  3. Hi, I hope I am at the correct site. I am using NCH accounts.. I know I can view , save and print separate journal files but how do I get it all in one (instead of individual?) I have clicked every button there is to click I still can't get to it. It is kind of troublesome for me to send the journal in separate files instead of in 1. Frustrated. Can someone help?
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