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  1. Hi Borate, Thank you for your quick reply. Its 3am here and I am pretty tired. I need to sleep. I will try these suggestions and if all else fails I will try and send it to you. Thank you so much.
  2. Basically my export video does not look like the exported version. My video has 3 video tracks and 2 audio tracks. The eye icon is ok and all are visible for output. In preview all looks perfect. When I export the video file in HD 1080p to my laptop the video looks great except my video track 1. It contains a video that repeats itself 9 times (each clip is saved under its own name). It is used as a background (behind) video track 2 because some of my videos on track 2 were shot horizontally. The background video shows up in the export version only for the 1st clip....the other 8 don't show up. In the preview mode they all show up just fine. I have exhausted all my solution ideas and I need help. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am presenting this video in 4 days. I have Video Pad professional v 7.11. I paid for this software.
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