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  1. Thanks a lot, EIB, for your answer! 😄 Isn't there something easier though ? I was something like : - Manually : find an indicator of what average dB the song is, then use amplify accordingly to adjust it to your preferred level and to all your other songs. But what indicator can I use in the current soft if any ? Then I guess amplify would be a maths operation (increase by 30% = put amplify on 130% is this right ?) - Automatically : find a setting that would let you specify which level of average dB you want all your songs to be (then of course each song may go higher or lower than this average on occasions but the general level is on par with other songs). If so, isn't there such setting anywhere (I have no technical knowledge of the words used in the soft, they are like Chinese to me so difficult to guess) ? * For example in Edit>Clean up hovering it shows "volume adjustment" but then I don't see what it is or does * In Levels>Amplify there is "presets" and option to "save preset", but then I don't see how to use this in my goal ? * Hovering Levels>Normalize says to prevent highs to go higher than specified (and inside, options on peak, peak loudness, average loudness ; then save preset may save it for future files ?), but then I don't see how to use this in my goal ? * Hovering Levels>Compress says to set an output according to the input volume, again inside with levels to define and then to save as preset * Levels>Autogain says similar to compress, but without options inside, and I still don't know if related to my goal or how to use it ? Levels>Equalizer seems something else, related to parts of a song, not all songs as I would like Would any of this let me do what I would love ? 😍 Btw those questions make me wonder how DJ deal with sound level in clubs ? Do they manually adjust each song they play to the targeted volume, or does their mixing machine do it for them, or have they parameted all their songs like i would like beforehand ? So many questions😇😅 Thanks a lot again🥰
  2. Still no update on the issue !? Any feedback on the above question ? As a solution may be to downgrade to previous version if quality using it was as good. Also where can we find older version, if any ?
  3. Hi, Is there a way to have the same level of decibel in all our songs ? Of course within some songs, volume may go higher or lower, but I would like all my songs on a comparable basis, so I don"t need to up or down my volume at the beginning of every song of my playlist. So basically, I would love a setting that sets the targetted volume and then always amplify to this volume when saving a file. Or it can't be done automatically, I don't mind doing it manually. But in amplify, I'm trying to guess what the volume should be, but if there is a number somewhere I could use to always make all songs to same level of decibels, that would really help. Any clue ? Thanks a lot ! Loving the soft
  4. Hi, Whenever I do a modification of a song, even a small one that reduce the lengh of the song (eg I trim silence at the beginning and end, hence the overall song is say 10s shorter, no other modification), the file size doubles, for example from 3mb to 5mb. At the bottom of the soft, after a file is saved, there is a green mention about higher conversion rate. I don't think I had that originally. So my question : did I touch something or is this normal and compulsary ? Is there a setting I could modify (I looked but couldn't find anything) as I don't need extra sound quality whatsoever, I'm happy with the original quality of the song, I mam more into saving space on the hard drive. Thanks a lot for your help! Loving your soft :)
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