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  1. Hi! I'm looking for a Mac OS app (for a desktop Mac, not iPhone nor iPad) that can transcribe in REAL-TIME any audio PHONE CALL made via any means such via a browser like Google's Chrome WebRTC as a VoIP line (Skype, etc). If the conversation is a 3-party conference call (or more parties) where some people speak English and others Spanish back-and-forth, I need the software to transcribe BOTH languages, and I need to SEE the transcription in REAL-TIME (not record it and afterwards transcribe it). Do you know if there’s such a product (or products as it would be nice to compare) on the market today? Skype, for example has a nice "subtitles" feature where if you turn it on, you can actually see the transcription of any and all parties involved (be it two or more) in real-time, just as I need, HOWEVER (and this is the reason it doesn’t work for me), on Skype's settings, you need to select which language you want the subtitles to be transcribe to: English OR Spanish... So if you're having a call (such as a 3-party call) where some speak English and some Spanish, Skype will only transcribe correctly the languages that you selected, but not the other one… It will create the subtitles on the other language but they won't be understandable because it is not set to transcribe in such language. Hope you can help. Best!
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