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  1. I am using the latest release, and the first method does NOT completely fade to black. Where can I find a short blank black clip at?
  2. Somehow whenever I edit my videos, I always have Fade through Black to end them. But lately, that transition has not completely faded to black because I can still see the video when it stops when black fades a little. That needs to be fixed before the next official update or next Beta please.
  3. I would post there, but the site's DNS Server doesn't want to respond on my PC. So, there should be a Feedback forum here just in case.
  4. I'll try it and let you know let happens. Nope, the DNS on my end still isn't responding. Well, I had to use DNS-over-HTTPS instead of the system’s DNS settings. That's something you failed to tell me about.
  5. Also, fix your main website please, it's becoming troublesome on why secure.nch.com.au is having this issue: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN I'm sure I'm not the only one who's getting tired of seeing that page having an error message each time I have to submit a suggestion, sign up for product updates or report bugs about the software. I cleared my cookies on all my browsers and it still didn't work. The problem isn't on my end, it's yours. This is how you lose customers by the ton. If you don't communicate with us, you lose our respect and begin to question if your products are worth our time.
  6. Fade outs needs to be completely faded out of video and not see a near faded screen with end of video still showing. The betas fade out perfectly than the stable builds. Also after editing videos, there needs to be compatibility for video sharing websites other than YouTube to upload videos like Bitchute, Bittube, LBRY, etc. The size of the video file needs more reduction after editing and no slowdowns during editing when using other computer resources, which seems to be happening lately with the later stable builds.
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