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    How does the reverb work on Mixpad please? I'm just trying to set it for a very slight reverb, but not one of the presets. I highlight the track, load "reverb" from the add effect button on the reverb window, and set the decay and diffu https://xender.vip/suion at 10 each (leaving the wet and dry at 0db) Do I press exit on the window to load this? Seems to be the only possible option. On playcback it gives the wrong sound, and back on the reverb tab it's got decay at 100 and diffusion at 20. Any help please. Clearly missing a trick. https://nox.tips/ Many thanks.
  2. I got this old Samson MixPad 12 (M26J1095) used for free. Unfortunately, it didn't come with a power adapter and I've looked everywhere (Amazon, Ebay, etc.) and also called the Samson people. They said that all the parts are discontinued and there's no way I could order a power supply from them. So... the port seems to be the same as a MIDI port, and it's got a fancy diagram saying what each pin's voltage should be. Does anybody know where I could find one of these power supply's or if it's possible to build one? Or is it really not worth the effort at all? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! https://omegle.onl/
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