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  1. I just got off the phone with USAA FSB. They do not support OFX connections. If there is no other protocol in the works for Moneyline I am afraid I will not be able to use it going forward.
  2. I am evaluating Moneyline with a trial copy. I don't know if the trial copy limits any of the features or not. While importing CSV files for my accounts, I receive a "not responding" during the process. The first few times I stopped the process by closing the app and letting it send a crash message report. Further investigating I opened my windows task manager and I could see Moneyline using resources such as %drive usage and CPU usage. Moneyline was actually working in the background. After a long wait, the import was successful, it just took a long time and gave the appearance of not responding. When deleting an account the same thing happens but after a long wait, it deletes successfully while appearing to be not responding. Also, I am having a very hard time making the CSV columns go into the proper account columns when importing data. It seems to get the payment and deposit columns wrong resulting in extremely incorrect balance figures. Any coaching here will be appreciated.
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