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  1. My best advice to you is to use Express Burning software , you see when you take a video from VCR it probably saves it as an MP4, or something similar. Express Burning Software will author the DVDs properly and save your MP4s as DVD disks and give you good disks, also it is possible to make Bluray disks with Express Video software. If you want I will make a video and show you how to take a file that has been saved from the VCR and show you all of the steps needed to make the DVD. That would be fun for me . Russ Campbell
  2. I have so many, I actually have recorded over 600 pieces with Wavepad , I can upload a few of my best, but they are big Russ Campbell
  3. I made a video about how to make a good video, using Wavepad, Debut, and Videopad, and many other programs. The result is a really good video, in fact most of my videos use sound or music from vinyl records, at least the ones that I can use on YouTube. Here is the video: How to make a good video with NCH software Note that I do have my own channel, most recent videos have been made with NCH software products , I will post my very best in the same message: The web side of my BBS , the non religious side. -0-0- I have over 500 videos that I have created in the last 5 years, not all were created with NCH software, but here is one with animation, is it possible to do what I am doing in this video with NCH software packages? An introduction to Spy Visits Spy BBS (No longer in operation). -0-0- Here are some videos that really support NCH software , there are so many that I don't know where to begin, but I will pick my very best: How to take a really good record and clean it up with Wavepad. How to fix a bad record with Wavepad Have you found Happiness yet? Do you know what happiness is? (Not done with NCH Software but some of the ideas can be incorporated into Videopad). Last one for today: It is so good I must post it: Again this is before I got Videopad: , but the ideas are there: A Tribute to the vinyl album Rocktober 88 -0-0- All of my videos are done through a really good sound card and two 100 watt Sony amplifiers , wires are hooked up just right , in fact I may make a video on the hardware end of things for recording audio and video with NCH software's products. We are talking very high quality as you can see from the videos that I have made in the above links. Russ -0-0- I just finished a video that explains in detail how to make a good video on any topic with Debut, Wave Pad , Video Pad, and Express Burn to author DVDs if necessary. The video was done on 4 or 5 parts then combined with Video Pad and exported to one file. Because I was using Debut to record everything, I had to export files several times from Debut to Video Pad and then use Express Burn to author the DVD that I burned. I also started with Wave Pad to make the audio file for the video , and recorded everything that is a tutorial with a good USB microphone. What I did not show was where I normalized the audio and removed spikes from the record in Wave Pad, I basically took the audio from the video, exported it to Wave Pad , normalized the audio and removed spikes from the wave form, and imported the audio back into Video Pad with no problems. You can hear a little hiss in the final output on the uploaded YouTube Video, it can be cleaned up but I never really did that, maybe the topic for another tutorial video. Here we go with the tutorial video: A Tutorial on how to create a good video from start to finish and then export it and author it to DVD with Express Burn
  4. This video shows you how to create a video starting with Debut, Wave pad , then finally Videopad. Video of how to create a video by using Debut, and Wavepad and finally Videopad. Enjoy... Russ
  5. A question was asked somewhere in this forum on how to make a car USB and have individual songs save on the USB, I show in this video exactly how to do that. Here is the video: How to make a Car USB with your Favorite songs using the Batch File Process Hope that this will help some of you out. Enjoy the music that plays while the video show the process, video made with Wavepad, Debut and Videopad.
  6. What you need is the batch file otion, available in the free version for a short time, probably enought time to make a few USB sticks for the car, if you want I can guide you through how to do just that in Debut and post it here. Russ
  7. Here is the results of what I have been doing for everyone to see...... I had a lot of fun making this recording I hope you have as much fun watching it... A Demo of Wave Pad and Debut using Barbara Ann from The Beach Boys I used a Linear tracking turntable with a sound board and 100 watt amp to make this recording.
  8. Hello everyone : I use a lot of products from NCH software and highly recommend them, I presently have a licence for Wavepad, Debut, Prism, Videopad from NCH I usually record my sessions with Debut, use Wavepad to display the audio editing and have done some 300 videos using various products, all using Debut. Debut makes it easy to do tutorial videos too , I will be posting some of my best creations here. I am very friendly and open to talking to other users about their experiences with NCH software products. I have software that I have written for displaying files and although I use another programto play back the audio files , I want to use the same command line interface for WavePad instead of the other program, (their display is very boring). By far NCH is one of the best software companies out there. Russ Campbell.
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