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  1. Thank you for your answer. You talk about testing the speech recognition with a short file. You say also to proof one file while waiting for speech-to-text of another. Does it mean that I put a text in Express scribe and the system put the written text into speech ? My question was to know if it is possible to speak to the system instead of submitting a text and have what we said transformed into text. You say that speech-to-text requires SAPI speech-to-text engine and that most Windows computers already have it installed. How can verify if my computer has this engine ? Thank you for your attention. Marco Porlier
  2. I would like to know how we do with Express scribe to speak and have our voice recognized and transform into text. Is it possible to do it with French Canadian accent ? Thank you for your help. Marco Porlier. marcoporlier@yahoo.ca
  3. Hi. I think that with Express scribe, it is possible to put into audio speech a text that we put in Express scribe. Is it possible to speak to Express scribe with our own voice and have it transfer into text ? If so, how can we do it ? Thank you. Marco Porlier. marcoporlier@yahoo.ca
  4. I have Wavepad master edition in French. Should I write my question in French or in English ? I used the voice synthetizer function of Wavepad and I typed a text in French and the system transformed it in voice. The original transcription had contractions and the voice syntethizer did not followed the contractions. I tried the same with another system (https://ttsmp3.com/) and it worked. For example, the text " j'vais à l'école" was transformed as " je vais à l'école" by Wavepad but as still " j'vais à l'école " by Ttsmp3.com. Is there another voice synthetizer than can be used by Wavepad the could be better ? Also, I would like to know if the opposite is possible with Wavepad : speak to Wavepad and have what we said transformed into text. If it is possible, can Wavepad recognize the French Canadian accent ? It is possible with other websites. Thank you very much for your support. Marco Porlier. marcoporlier@yahoo.ca
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