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  1. So I just re-installed the v10.14 that Nat attached to my other ticket (https://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/35756-deshaker-options-window-not-showing/?tab=comments#comment-95662) but the only folder I have in ''Components'' is ''mp3el2''. I remember that you have sent me 2 components that fixed this rendering/exporting problem which started with ''ffmpeg'' but I don't remember what the numbers were.. I think it was 22 & 23 is that correct? I'll download the #23 as I can see it on the website to see if it fixes the problem. -0-0- Hey Borate again, So I uninstalled v10.14 & re-installed the v10.12 that you attached in this ticket & component ''ffmpeg23x64'' got downloaded automatically which didn't happened when I downloaded v10.14.
  2. Hey Borat, I've upgraded to v10.14 due to the video stabilization not working in v10.12 & unfortunately I still get the same error as I had with v10.10 but that got fixed in v10.12 that you attached in this ticket. Is it an issue due to the missing 2 components that you've attached to this ticket that I no longer have access to? I can try to install them again in this version to see if this resolves it if you don't mind giving me access to them again. Thanks!
  3. Hey Nat & Borate, Thanks for the info at least I know now that the function is working properly & it's only the movement that makes it hard to stabilize. Thanks for your help on this one anyways! Really appreciate it
  4. Hey Nat! Sure if someone can take a look at the video & let me know if I can get it stabilized that would be great! Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1M37c4ZUMcXmQVJ25rG_V4_0SnUeqeqSv?usp=sharing
  5. Hello Borate, Thanks for the new version. I've downloaded it & the ''Deshaker Options'' window finally poped out & I've selected the ''Ultra Quality'' making sure the ''Scale'' in ''Advanced Options'' was to ''Full (most precise)'', but it still doesn't look like it had changed anything to the video... The video looks as shaky as before... Am I missing some settings?
  6. Hello, I am trying to stabilize a clip but the ''Deshaker Options'' window won't pop up. I either tried right-clicking on the desired clip in my bin & then on ''Stabilize Video...'' or just right-clicking on the .mp4 file in my video files & selecting ''Stabilize Video'' (which opens the VideoPad software but then nothing... No ''Deshaker Options'' window). I have the v10.12 Thanks for your help!
  7. Hey Borate, After installing the 2 components everything works perfect! Thanks a lot for your help!
  8. Hey Borate, So I uninstalled my previous version (10.10) & installed the one you sent me (10.12) but unfortunately it says that it's unable to open ''.mov'' files...
  9. Hello, I am using VP v10.10 & I'm trying to export my whole video but some clips are not exporting. I've noticed the ones that are not exporting in the final result are the ones who don't have a green line above them (Not Rendered?) unlike the text that is fully exported regarding if some text clips have a green line or not above them. So text-wise is all good at the end in the exportation green line or not. What might the problem be with the clips then? What it does in the export is it keeps the previous ''green lined'' clip frozen at the last frame & displays the text that should be displayed onto the next clip on top of that frozen frame. So the text continues flowing as if there was no issue with the video. *Note that the Text & Clips are on 2 different video tracks. **Audio is fine too. Thanks!
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