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  1. Yes, repeated and the same issue is for all potential recording formats from streamlabs when recording in lossless. No remuxxed. If i drop the recording quality and up the bitrate to compensate then it seems to work, but its definitely lower than expected/previous quality.
  2. Ok, so I have been trying other things and I might have identified the problem. The issue seems to be the quality of the clip thats being added to the project - as in its too high a bitrate. I normally record lossless through Streamlabs in FLV and then remux to MP4. I just changed the recording settings from lossless to VBR and then set the bit rate to 20000 and max bit rate to 80000. I recorded a short clip, remuxed and then added it in and did a lossless render and no distortions. I did the same thing as well, non-lossless record direct in MP4 and MOV formats as well as same outcome - not distortions. It seems a bit weird that I can record lossless and then export lossless as this obviously provides the best quality but the quality drop from lossless to vbr seems to be minor if bitrates are maintained as very high.
  3. Thank you so much for the quick response. I have five vids to produce for my channel this week so hopefully its all just a quick fix with something I haven't adjusted. Link below: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17QK9rlK0_gyz2xjbO70wNA8drjTScb5g?usp=sharing This includes a 1920x1080 60fps MP4 clip (raw, remuxxed from FLV) and a Test lossless render, High Quality/Large file, MP4. Note that the blur and distortion is apparent from the moment the clips are dragged into Videopad, not just upon rendering. Its seems like an issue on how the file is first accepted by the program, like its being background rendered at a lower quality and then doesnt adjust back when rendered properly.
  4. Hi there Long time users of Videopad for pretty simple (i.e. minimal cuts, minor effects, fad transitions) gaming videos for Youtube. I just upgraded from v5 to v10 as my previous version was getting long in the tooth. Anyway I immediately ran into an issue. I recorded a series of clips using OBS in FLV and then remuxxed them into MP4 for editing. I reviewed the clips and they look great - 1920x1080 60fps. But when I drag and drop them into the a new videopad project they immediately appear distorted, blurry and pixelated with bleeding across frames covering up to 80% of the screen. I thought this was just a preview issue but when I exported (high quality, MP4 etc) the distortions remained and the video is unwatchable. I even tried lossless of select clips and it didnt help. My best guess atm, is that the clips are being background rendered when they are dragged into the project at a lower bitrate and resolution but I am unsure. I cant find any solutions online. Help would be much appreciated. Mark
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