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  1. If I uninstall one and try reinstalling this version will all the back up data be deleted from the system or will it still be accessible? I don't want to keep using it on the Windows 7 partition, but I want to get the sales data for my taxes.
  2. So my business consists on one employee, me. According to the terms and conditions Copper is free to use for small businesses with less than 5 employees. I've not seen any indication that has changed, Normally I have Copper on two computers, one in my store that functions as my till (Windows XP), and one on my main laptop (Mac OSX) that I use for backing up and printing reports out. Due to Covid we had to close down for a while. When we finally re-opened I had a line up of customers waiting and my XP laptop stopped working properly. I had to try first using my MacOSX laptop as back up
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