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  1. Cool thanks, will be interested to know if anything turns up and whether it's something that would be solved by using a later version
  2. Hi, thanks for the observations and the extra test. I got something online that I can live with using 2160/192k. Any higher than that it caused all sorts of problems - the lossless one we've talked about, but also a re-encoded video export at higher resolution caused issues with ghost images not disappearing after video fade-outs, in one case not even a ghost image but just freezing on a still at the end of one clip for the whole of the following clip; also the video freezing for the duration of the overlaid text (which I'd have been prepared to leave in as it looked like a deliberate Reservoir Dogs-style bit of editing, but the other problems weren't acceptable). It didn't make any difference whether exporting to a file on the hard drive or direct to YouTube. I wonder whether this is a general tech spec issue, or specifically a disk space/cache issue - I tried switching the cache location to my hard drive partition with loads of space free, but unfortunately this makes the trial software stop working. It would be interesting to know if this made a difference, but can't test without upgrading and don't want to upgrade without knowing if the software will fully function on my system!! Thanks for the support anyway.
  3. It's not about sync issues that you would spot or not - it's literally completely the wrong video. If you export losslessly and look after that transition you fixed at 3:22, you'll see that the video starts again from the beginning of the whole sequence, so it has absolutely nothing to do with the audio that's going on under it, and carries on then way after the audio of the final clip has finished, so the duration of the whole thing is about 8 minutes instead of 4:47. It's not a matter of being a musician and having an issue with a very fine sync problem. You can verify by comparing 3:28 with 0:21 - the text that appears here is only used once in the original sequence, but in the exported version the whole thing (video only) is starting again in the middle. At about 6:30 you can see the close-up of the bassist that happens correctly the first time at 3:22, and then you'll see the video that should be under the audio after this transition at 3:22. Thanks for the test file you uploaded - that proves that it's possible to get the video on YouTube with choppiness, so that's good news, but the resolution is important to me and that test file wouldn't be sufficient quality for what I need, so I would like to solve the lossless issue if it can be solved. If it can't, I'll have to figure out something else. Thanks for all your work on this.
  4. Thanks very much for your work! The repair at 3:22 seems to have caused a slight sync issue between sound and video so I need to tinker around and fix that and then I'll re-try with the lossless export and report back. Many thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately exactly the same thing happening. Did you try doing a lossless video export and opening it in a different viewer to check? I guess the next step is probably to update to the newest version of the software and see if that makes a difference - this project will still work fine if I download the up-to-date installer and uninstall/reinstall, right?
  5. Thanks for this. v8.96 (trial version). Will DM you link now. Wait sorry I thought it had uploaded but it hasn't, the MP4 is too big, I need to free space. Working on it. --- OK done, have DM'd new link. Thanks. --- Done - hope it works this time
  6. Hi everyone, first time posting, sorry if this is a dupe of a known issue covered elsewhere but I did my best to search for it and couldn't find. I'm trying to export a video from VideoPad, eventually to be on YouTube. The sequence contains several clips, which all come from the same original long video file (it's several songs from a recording of a concert), so there is only one video file used in the project (the original file has been split into two so there is one other unused item in the video files bin, which is the first minute that I cut off when I split this video file in two using the VideoPad "split" function). The audio has been unlinked from the video in all of the clips, although it's all original audio from the same source file, but I had some issues with sound and video being out of sync (no idea how this was happening before I unlinked the audio, but it was), so had to split to adjust. So the weird thing is that when I export the video as a low quality file or direct to YouTube, everything is fine (except that exporting to YouTube I get laggy/jumpy video, which is why I decided to try it a different way via a lossless export). When I do a lossless video export, though (with all the settings maximised for top quality), the first three clips are fine, and then on the fourth item, the sound is correct but the video is completely wrong - it starts again from close to the beginning of the sequence (ca 0:18 in), and continues - this time with all the transitions correct - to the end of the sequence. i.e. the output is something like this (A = Audio, V = Video): A1 A2 A3 A4 V1 V2 V3 V1 V2 V3 V4 I've tried messing around with copying the fourth clip to a different track, slightly altering where it begins etc to see if this jolts VideoPad into treating it properly, I've tried clearing the cache, obviously closing and reloading the software, also "save as" in a file... nothing makes a difference. Would be very grateful for any suggestions what could be going on! Further information on the composition of the timeline, in case it's useful: There are two audio tracks (I use them alternately in order to control the fades in and out) and six video tracks. Video tracks 1 and 2 alternate the clips, tracks 3 and 4 with text items (song titles etc), track 5 the copied V4 clip and track 6 the text item for V4. In the part of the output where it repeats from just after the beginning of V1, what might be significant is that all the text items appear at what would be their correct places in the video: i.e. it is picking up output from all of the video tracks. The .vpj file is here - I hope this is helpful though don't know if it's any use without having the original media it links to... https://www.dropbox.com/s/oddv6xmmftluvcs/Sam Hogarth Trio EPK new.vpj?dl=0
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