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  1. DIdn't work, I'll submit a request, thank you
  2. Hi, I have tried the repair option but have not tried to uninstall fully and reinstall. I'll give it a shot, thank you for the link
  3. A lot of the pre-packaged voices that come with the application don't seem to work. Others AND custom ones that I create do seem to work the first time I try them when launching the application, but then if I switch off of them and back to them, they stop working again. If I restart the app and attempt to use any custom ones that I create, they no longer work and i have to recreate them each time and then they will work. I have tried exporting them after creating them and re-importing them instead of recreating them from scratch but this still does not work. Whenever this happens, the status window goes into an endless loop of messages Please see image: https://kamcknig-forum-data.s3.amazonaws.com/2021-01-27+17_18_13-Voxal+by+NCH+Software+-+(Unlicensed)+Non-commercial+home+use+only.png
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