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  1. Many thanks, borate, for your very useful and very prompt reply. I found, in my version of VPE that the Split button was not active (it appears under the Clip menu), but the "Split All Tracks (L)" button is available when it click the top of the position cursor. However, after I unlinked the audio, right clicking on the video gave me the option "Split Selected Clips (Shift+L)" which allowed me to do as you suggested. This has now sorted out this problem of mine and the video plays just as I wanted it. Thank you, once again. cpl42
  2. I have a small (~3-4 sec) section within a video sequence in which I'd like to retain the sound track, but blank out the video. It's one of these sequences wihin a movie where one scene merges into another and the sound track flows on for a few seconds before it picks up the new scene. To clip out the video from this region would leave the sound track hanging (in this case, an opening scene followed by opening credits that I don't want to show at this point). A fade out would be acceptable, but not optimal. I can't find a tool that does this. Also, if I highlight the section concerned, I have
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