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  1. Hi again! I feel so silly... I had soloed a video track, so that all the others were invisible on my "see sequence" screen. At least, I hope this can help someone else encountering the same problem (and panic attack). Thank you. Astragale
  2. Hi! I was working on a project, and I suddenly got a message saying my hardrive was almost full. I cut-pasted on another drive some stuff I didn't need, and when I came back to my Videopad project, all my clips were still there (and I can read them one by one), but there is nothing on my "See sequence" screen. Can someone please help me? I've been working on this the whole day and don't know where to turn to... Update: 1-I checked on an older project and it looks fine. 2-I tried to export my video (the one with no sequence visible), and the exported file is just black.
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