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  1. The list of versions that you and Borate supplied gives at least a helpful impression of what's to gain by upgrading. Since I'm not a power user of the program, not all the entries yield clear meaning for me. But that's helpful in itself: these changes apparently do not bear on things that I'm actually doing currently. I still think that you'd serve your customers best by making it as easy as possible for us to get some meaningful impression of what the upgrade will do for us. So that's my customer feedback for you, for whatever it is worth. Thanks for your time. I hope some other fo
  2. "The company wants users to experience the program." I appreciate that! It's nice to be able to see for real what you're getting. But this in no way substitutes for the company also telling users what the improvements in a new version are. Some of us have to prioritize production efficiency, not playing with software to see what we think of it. Tell us what we'll get in exchange for the cost and time required to update! Saying "we want you to experience the program" sounds like a copout. I see nothing to gain by the absence of a list of improvements over the availability of such a list--unl
  3. Thanks for the reply. Are you telling me that there's never any listing of new features or other improvements? Why make us take time diddling with a new version and leaving us to find out for ourselves what the differences are? Wouldn't a listing of improvements be helpful to everyone? I'm a fairly new user of NCH software, so I haven't yet learned the company's patterns. I'll just say that if there's no listing of improvements, I'm going to assume that there aren't any improvements worth advertising, and I'll keep my money. Might be shortsighted, but I'm not going to risk wasting precious tim
  4. I just received an email notifying me of the release of VideoPad 10.05. My version is 8.39. It looks like the upgrade will cost me $50, which I think may be as much as or more than I paid for the program originally. I have not found any information listing new features of 10.05 to justify the upgrade price. So can anybody please list some features that make the upgrade worth the money? I'm sure there are many like me who really don't want to diddle with all that would be involved with upgrading and then perhaps needing to roll back to the previous version without first getting a sense of
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