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  1. Would be great if we could have an "Action Pending" column in the invoices section. So we could track the progress of a customer invoice, if they have any outstanding actions required. Would remind us at the start of the day to check these invoices for any outstanding actions to complete dealing with the customer. Like this... Example
  2. Thankyou I have submitted a request to the developers. PS this also does work correctly when you right click on an invoice and apply payment, you can then apply partial payment. Just not the screen I mentioned above, pretty sure this is an over sight by the developers, as it works in two places.(apply payment section and right click on invoice apply payment) Thanks
  3. I would like to be able to apply partial payment in the record invoice section. (not the Apply Payment Section) You can only apply full payment!!! even when you enter a lesser amount, it applies the total balance. Invoice Express Partial Payment Example Thanks
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