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  1. Nationalsolo and borate, thanks for both of those suggestions. They both worked great - it's good to know two ways to avoid the 60 space solution.
  2. I guess I could achieve this by selecting left justify and then prepending every line with 60 or so spaces. Maybe that's the best available option?
  3. That would make it right justified to the right side of the screen. Can I left justify it to the middle of the screen? In this case I have something interesting I want to show on the left side of the screen with text describing it on the right side of screen. However, I want the text to be all aligned on the left and ragged on the right. I could get possibly get this if the text box filled only the right half of the screen and I selected left justified.
  4. I would like to add a text clip which is left justified at the middle of the screen - effectively a left justified text clip which fits to just the right half of the screen. Is this possible? If so how would I accomplish it?
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