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  1. Okay, first, I have read the topics posted by KenA on getting Broadwave to run on Windows 7. My goal is to stream audio that I am playing on my computer through iTunes, YouTube, Pandora, etc. as well as stream my voice from my microphone. I am doing a live internet radio show. I had it working with my old PC running Windows XP, but it had some issues, so I just purchased a new PC with Windows 7. I have the speakers plugged in to the "line out" port (green) and the mic plugged into the "mic" port (pink). The only way I have been able to get Broadwave to stream the audio coming from my speakers is to enable the "Stereo Mix" option on the audio manager, but this makes EVERYTHING streaming through Broadwave have a horrible reverb effect and sometimes really awful feedback. I can stop this if I disable the Stereo Mix but then you can't stream the audio from iTunes, YouTube, etc. you can only stream the input from the Mic. help? I'm really at a loss here. Thank you.
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