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  1. Upgraded to purchased product, entered key and now IVM does not answer phone, does not display call ID or message that call is ringing. Do not hear any ring. and new OGM does not work allowing me to go to multiple mailboxes.
  2. I have a number of questions. 1. I just installed IVM, I created a new default OGM, when I play it manually it works, when I dial in from my cell, I get a default, "I can't take you call right now Please leave a message..." How do I get my new message to play. I will be using 7 different mailboxes, My new OGM states which number to press. 2. When I use the simulator I get the default, when I select the mailbox number and listen to the message I never hear a tone. How do I insert the tone in my new message for the mailbox. Thank you for your help. aighead
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