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  1. I have Axon running OK and can call from Extension to extension (prefix 9 then extension number). I have one extension which is a Grandstream Handy Tone -386 (Line one is connected to a standatd phone and line 2 to a fax machine). I have Extention 104 defined for Phone Line 2 (the fax machine). I can dail Ext 104 from any extension and the fax rings ok. I have now added Carousel with a 2 Port USB Voiceboard. Line 1 is our normal incoming phone line and line 2 is our fax line. In the first instance, I would like calls that come in on Line 2 (Fax line) to go to Extension 104 (the fax machine). In the Properties of CAHTA 1 (hardware line 2) if I Leave the Bridge setting to "The Default Voip Number" then when I call in on the fax line the first extension in my group rings - as expected. So to achieve my initial goal I now I need to get inconing line 2 to ring Extension 104 rather than the "Default Voip Number", so I select the "This Number" radio box and enter 104. Now when I call in to the Fax Line I get this the Carousel Log: Bridgeing Call Initiated SIP Call to 104 Error Returned Not Found In Axon log I can see these messages: Incoming call failed Unable to find any lines with the ID 104 or extensions with the ID Carousel I also tried using 9104 as The Number (since to call another extension my dial plan looks for a 9 then strips it out to get 104, but no joy). I also tried setting the number to sip:104@ but also no joy. It seems I am missing a vital little piece of info somewhere? Does anyone have any ideas? When the above works, I would then like to add the twist of having Carousel detect if the incoming call is a fax or not a fax - if a fax then it should go to Ext 104, if not then the call should got to Ext 103 - is that possible? Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Thanks for that - all sorted.
  3. Thanks for that - all sorted.
  4. I have setup axon server and have 4 extensions 101->104. I can dial out via Voip service from any extension, however, if I try and call Ext 103 from Ext 102 (for example) it gives half a ring tone and then flicks to an engaged signal - Ext 103 is not actually busy and does not ring. In the Axon log it reports this: 22:58:39 Call 102 -> sip:103@ 22.58.55 Error Returned: 404 Not Found 22.58.22 Call 102->sip:103@ Seems I have something configured incorrectly.. but can not spot it after reviewing doco? Any help appreciated. Regards, Scott
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