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  1. Stabilized - GP031029_0001 fragment_0003.avi was generated using VP Stabilize image from the original file GP031029.mp4 which is 58 mins long. so the deshake process is corrupting the file! All files used are PAL (not NTSC). Further attempts at stabilisation using other files have also been leading to files with errors. Any idea why the stabilised files are being corrupted? Any ideas on how to fix it? Also, after being stabilised the files are being put into the audio folder as audio files! - what is going on! How can I make sure that Deshaker works correctly?
  2. My system is as follows : ACER TC-895, Windows 10 home 64 bit, i7 10th generation processor Intel UHD 630 graphics, 8GB DDR memory, 256GB SSD, 1TB HDD, WD MyCloud network drive. I think that should handle things. The task manager never shows that the PC is under any particular stress. I have noticed on some occasions that VP produces absolutely massive audio files and goes on all night without finishing. Seems to get itself into a loop. I try to provide VP with files that it 'likes' to keep processing efficient, but sometimes it falls over. Other times it's great and renders just as you found. What kind of gear are you using to achieve the results you mention above? Any other suggestions?
  3. By 'Computer-to-video file' I mean 'Export : Video File' as opposed to create a DVD or upload to YouTube etc
  4. I've been noticing that Videopad quite often, when exporting (usually a video to computer file), shows that it is processing audio. Problem is it never stops processing audio - it just gets into some kind of endless loop. This has happened to me on a number of occasions and is destroying my productivity. Please explain what 'processing audio' means and why it seems to hang up in this way so often. I note that many others have similar problems. Videopad is a great little editor and i love using it - but its so getting so bad now that I may need to consider going elsewhere for a solution. Please give me a solution!
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