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  1. The NCH reply: "Thanks for reaching out. By changing the view to 2D from the right menu bar, this allows you to measure the area but we recommend downloading the trial version of the program first to make sure it fits your needs." Apparently, they don't like giving the direct answer: "No". The program will NOT tell you the area / square footage of the total floor plan, of a floor, nor will it tell the area of individual rooms. This should be a no brainer for a program like this, as should the ability to show the lengths of all the walls beside each wall.
  2. I need to know the total finished floorplan square footage for cost estimation purposes. The 2D plan lets you check on dimensions manually and I could calculate it on that basis manually, but the floorplan is very irregularly shaped and doing it manually, room by room, hall by hall, will be very time consuming. Does the software have the ability to calculate the area within (or even including) the walls? That capability should be a no brainer, but I don't see it. If it does have that capability, where is it and how do you access it? This question was asked back in 2018 and the answer was
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