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  1. Trying out the broadwave software. We've got the serving box set up, and it appears to be working correctly. Windows firewall ports are opened (we've got the box spec'd to use 8080 for broadwave) We can connect to the webpage on the broadwave box, play the playlist entries... but not the live streams. The server software says a client at ip (number) is connected. but the client is not really connecting or getting the stream to play. If we tell the server box to get its own stream, it can't get it either. https://9apps.ooo/ Our network does not block traffic internally to web servers on 8080 Is the broadwave box trying to send anything out to another server to produce the stream? (I know the test feature must trigger something offsite to come back and test connectivty...but on site, It shouldn't matter. Is the broadwave box actually sending the live stream out through a different port that has to be opened?
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