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    Inventoria is text input system not a pos. So any scanner that is compatible with the computer will work, a barcode reader scanner will act just like a keyboard to aid you in inputting information into lines of text or help find the lines of text when scanning a barcode.
  2. Bar codes and QR codes are simply numbers or letters made by a barcode or QR code generator "information text". I am currently using a W8-X NETUM 2D barcode Scanner with Inventoria, A barcode reader acts like a keyboard to input barcode info on to any entry input line you select with in Inventoria. It will also help you find an item if you scan a barcode with a matching item number or part number when you have the main inventory page open. like if you use a barcode generator for example item number 101-1111 then the generator will make the barcode and you now have that to scan that barcode you attach to your product or shelf or what ever you are making the barcode for you need help identifying later. So when you make your new item in inventoria say item 101-1111, if you scan the bar code when the main inventory page is open it highlights the line with the barcode number you scanned. Not sure if this answers your question.
  3. I am having issues making Bill of Materials for product kits. All my items I added from mid last year do not allow me to make a bill of Materials on the new item kits. If I make a new item number and make a new Bill of Materials item I have no problems, only when using some of the older saved item in Inventoria do I have issues. Did NCH do an update that changed something? or what am I doing incorrectly to make this not work with older items in my Inventoria system?
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