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  1. Unfortunately Mixpad doesn't help. I tried it. It does seem to have more options when you Load Clip and select the raw format (eg for the bit depth). BTW Wavepad has a bug because it calls one format 32 bit integer for the float format. But setting the number of channels explicitly is not one of the options. Its the same as Wavepad in that regards. I guess it would be useful to know what "Match Source" means in Channels in the context of a raw file where there is no header to say how many channels. If somehow Match Source could point to the number of channels I want to set then it would work. I also tried the Switch package to see if this was better. But same thing.
  2. Is there a way to import a raw format audio file with say 4 channels? When I read a raw format file the options come up for type of data eg 32 bit, little endian, etc. But there are only fixed options for number of channels. There are mono, stereo, 5.1, etc. There is no way to set a specific number of channels like 4. There is a "match source" option, but I can't figure out if that could help. The help on the dialog jumps to an irrelevant page. The reason I ask is that I had a wav file with a corrupted header, but the data is good. So I renamed to .raw and I can read the file in to look at whats in it. It's just that in my case there happens to be 4 channels.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a way to change the color scale for the TFFT spectrogram in Wavepad? I recall the color scale was black and white at some point when I was using it. Now it is a rainbow color, I think may have happened after I updated the software. It would be good to know what the color scale range is, and if there are ways to change it. Also I want to amplify low value regions of the spectrogram to see if there is structure. By amplifying the time domain signal this seems to work to a point, before clipping occurs. The Help is very brief on the TFFT
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