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  1. Thank you again! is this a newer version? Hope you don't mind I stay in touch incase I get anymore issues 🙂 Kind Regards Tim
  2. Mate that seems to have worked strait away! thank you so much 🙂 This video editing is all very new to me and it's a very sentimental video I'm doing and will mean a lot to people in my family.. I cannot thank you enough! Many thanks Tim
  3. Could the issue be using the free version? As its only a small project I'm doing? though when I first went to do this video a couple years ago it never had this issue when uploading the clip to videopad
  4. Hi Trying to add a video to videopad as part of a project and its playing the video completely out of sync, just in the app once I add it to the video bin. The audio is in slow motion and the video itself is playing at normal speed. Can anyone resolve this for me? Many Thanks Tim
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