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  1. Thank you! it's the latest versions. However on MacBook pro it's 8.40. since the latest doesn't work with OsX 10.11. I can't upgrade to the newest OS since that will render all the rest of my programs unusable, and especieally since I have a posh FireWire Soundcard connected to that one. Later OS than 10.11 will not support any FW. But let's stick to win 7 then. Now this has been going on since May 2020, where it - really - was the "latest" versions, back then, and it's nothing that is remedied or cured with the newest ones. It's out of sync right out of finishing the recording, and pr
  2. Hi! Since I've searched on older threads, and it clearly says each time "please start a new thread this is too old" here it comes again. Tried to find an answer, I have a paid license of VP on both PC and on a MacBook Pro. Have tried this on both win 7, win 10 and on Mac OsX 10.11. Recorded with one tiny webcamera (Logitech) through USB and then through a USB (and Firewire on mac) soundcard interface. All CPU's are modern ones so to speak with speeds over 3,2 Ghz. Nothing else running. Even when recording video/audio at the same time, and a short one and a half minute of it, it doesn
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