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    I've added text to videos I'm making with no problem. For some reason, on m current video, when I try to add a simple text overall at the beginning of the video... my audio track , that I've brought in from my logic sound program, disappears! Any idea why? The two seem unrelated. Separate tracks. I go into Add Text, like I always do. The text box appears and when it does my audio track disappears! Please help me with this. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for fixing...but I've already put the direct audio file into video pad and created a video from that, for the project. Does this mean every video file I import into Videopad, from logic, will now be fixed automatically? The message from Nat above is like reading another language. I have no clue whatsoever how to make this conversion. I guess I'm not experienced enough with technology...so ...will I continue to experience the problem every time I try to import a video from my Logic program.
  3. I have downloaded the file to google..I don't know how to get a "shared public link". I see the file has downloaded but have no idea how to get it to you. Re...work being lost. When you say you will lose "very little" of your work (??). If I lose any file at all, and have to bring it in again, quite a bit is lost since I have either the audio lined up or the video. I have been saving all along. I will double check what you've suggested as an experiment before trying another project. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19OEl2Q07KsqmfDZxgDnY-ePExyVfAJRX/view?usp=sharing This is the file ... when I put this movie file into video pad, the sound comes out completely distorted. This sound was adjusted in my logic pro program which links the new sound with the visual portion ...and then I bounce it to my desktop and can use it as a movie file.
  4. Ok then...I'm trying to up load a sample movie, that has the sound distorted when I try to import it into video pad. I have very slow internet so it may not come through for many hours. Yes...I adjusted the audio in logic pro before sending it to video pad. Logic pro is an audio program. Another huge problem for me is that when I go to open something I've been working on , some I will get the message that "files are missing"... when I find them and put them back into the project I've lost hours of work I've already done. In this, it's impossible to edit some of what I'm working on. Why does this happen?? I just bought the video pad two days ago... do I still need to update to the latest version??
  5. When I open a video that has been bounced from my pro logic audio program, after adjusting audio, the audio portion becomes completely distorted. Like white noise and static. Why is this?? If I bounce the audio separate from the video and the import it as an audio file, there is no problem. But this is a hassle as I have to line it all up with the video.
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