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  1. I followed your instructions but unfortunately my trial has expired by now so I can't test if this will work.
  2. https://nch.invisionzone.com/profile/93605-kim-1318/ Can you please help me to solve this?
  3. Apparently the extension didn't load correctly; it doesn't show under the Output tab. How can I solve this?
  4. I just installed the free version Tonegenerator software to test and get this errormessage after starting the application: "Sound Play Error Unable to start playback. This might be because the sound card is being used by some other applications or because you have not selected the correct Sound Play Device using Play Settings." I don't have any other sound software in use and none of the sound play devices offered in preferences work. BTW: sound works fine with for instance Youtube and system sounds. How can I solve this?
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