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  1. I got an email re: new videopad version but its unclear on the download page whether this is the 32 bit or the latest 64 bit version. Can someone clarify please? Any reason the 64-bit versions aren't clearly available for download?
  2. 64-bit is feeling way better Long overdue - good to finally have it
  3. Found the 64-bit download link here by chance. Why isn't it clearly available on the main download page? 😕
  4. I saw in release notes that 64 bit is now available but it was labelled as a MacOS release Is the latest windows release now 64 bit?
  5. I've recently been encoding a heap of videos in WMV format using still images with a number of processing effects added (e.g. blurs, glow, etc). I'm encoding in 1440p and the speed is really slowing to a crawl - I mean something like 25 seconds of processing for 1 second of video time.... When I check VideoPad's process in Task Manager its only running at 25-30% CPU load and 0-6% GPU load?? I'm running a 8700k (OC to 5ghz) and RTX 3080.... the processing time just doesn't seem right. Are there any tricks to optimise? Also - does anyone know if there are any plans to release VideoPad in 64-bit? I've been a loyal customer for years and have re-purchased keys to get updates (even though the 'claimed' discount is extremely stingy in my opinion) mostly due to the fact I've just gotten so used to using VideoPad and I'm very efficient at it and haven't bothered trying to learn a more advanced program. This trade-off is becoming increasingly difficult to justify for an ancient 32-bit program as time continues. Edit: Using latest version i.e. v9.07
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