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  1. I tried the updated version and it seemed to work, but of course they want to charge you for the update. When features disappear from the version I bought, without explanation or warning, and you can't get support or help from anyone, it really makes me hesitate to buy any more of their products.
  2. I am getting the "operation failed when trying to access the online database...check that port 8880 is open...." I am running Express Rip Plus v3.00. It used to work but then quite. I upgraded and the new version also works, but it required me to pay all over again for the new version, so I reinstalled the v3.00. Having paid once for it, I don't want to have to pay all over again just to continue to use features that were previously functioning in the version I bought. It makes me very hesitant to buy more software if features quit working you have to buy upgrades to get them back. Ther
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