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  1. OK, thanks. I thought I might be missing something. Thanks anyway.
  2. Is there in Videopad the equivalent of a publishing 'text box' into which pasted text can be put and will fit into without it just being a long, single line of text which has to be hand edited line by line to fit the desired location?
  3. Thank you for your prompt response. I'm not by my computer just now but I'm sure that will solve it. Your comment that it's been like this since 7. series explains it. My previous version was 4. series... -0-0- Tested it. It worked. Sorted. Thanks again.
  4. I've just started using the latest version of Videopad having used an earlier version for several years. There's an issue for which I'm sure there is an easy solution: When I set 'fade through black' between clips on, say track 2, the result fades everything and the main video fades as well whereas I need that to be track 2 only. How is that solved when I only want the fade to apply to one track only? That wasn't an issue in the earlier version. I've tried the options on the bottom of the transitions window but none of them make any difference. Any ideas?
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