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  1. Hi I tried this function, but it simply recognize as payment in the checking account, but not as an invoice and doesn’t recognize this customer details as well. Meaning if you create an invoice for a new customer that hasn’t been created in Express Accounts, and you do a payment with recording function, this new customer will not be reflected in Express Accounts even after you record the payment in Express Account. Can NCH help? Also if we created the invoice and deliver the goods, these should be automatically viewed as accounts Receivable in Express Accounts. But is not even reflected, and this how on earth user going to print current accurate Account Receivable report. Because we bought these software with full trust that NCH can deliver us a full and logical and accurate software. But if this is not addressed, it will be tough for future purchase.
  2. Hi, we don’t want information to be lost. We just want all invoices entered in Express Invoice should be automatically and logically reflected in Express Accounts. Currently it is not reflected automatically at all and any new customers created in Express Invoice is not reflected in Express Accounts. Ad Account Receivables in Express Accounts are not reflected or updated when we create invoices in Expression Invoice. Can you help? Logically it should be automatically linked, otherwise it will just be a dual input.
  3. Hi all, My problem is that when I created an invoice in express invoice, this particular invoice is not automatically updated into express accounts. There’s import data funtion from express invoice but this will reset the charts of accounts. Can you help let me know how can I make an invoice created in express invoice be reflected in express accounts? There seems to have no option. Inventory is clear cut, there is a common code that is shared with express accounts and invoice. But there’s not a code to share between invoice and accounts. The program doesn’t reflect any invoice created in Express Invoice to be immediately reflected in Express accounts as account receivables n Express Accounts. And any new customer created in Express Invoice is not automatically reflected in Express Accounts. Can anyone help how to link Express Invoice with Express Accounts such that whatever new invoices created in the former will be reflected in the latter automatically without dual input.
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