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  1. Roger that, thanks for looking into this. Why does it cut between the clips, though?
  2. I'm using the same version, it's 10.24. No transition is overlapping from my knowledge. I'll try your method with the white clip. EDIT: It did not work.
  3. My video's approximately a minute and a half in length, and it has a transition (Fade through white). When it's in the editor, the video plays fine. When it's been rendered, however, the part with the transition freezes. I've observed this bug in MP4 and AVI formats, and I was wondering if there's a way to work around this little predicament of mine.
  4. I see. I'll settle for 30FPS, then. Thank you so much for looking into this. By the way, where can I find v10.26?
  5. Understood, thank you for clarifying. I've also checked the available version for VideoPad, but there doesn't seem to be v10.26. I'm currently on v10.24, and I exported my video as an AVI, but it still had the desync issue.
  6. I haven't tried AVI before. Also, how does one check if it's he 32-bit version? And I'm not sure what a codec is.
  7. I was using v10.18 last night, but then I saw one of your posts here and switched to v10.17 to see if it's any better, but it seems that this problem persists.
  8. Okay, so let’s say that I placed a video on my timeline. It was exactly at 1:10.000 when I initially made it, but when I opened it today, it was at 1:09.993. Has anyone had this happen to their projects? EDIT: Also after the video has been exported, sometimes, if not most times, the video seems to get displaced in terms of time. In my case, I had my subtitles show up at a precise moment in sync with what happens in the video, but in the exported MP4, this gets desynced. What could be the cause of this? Any help is appreciated.
  9. Whenever I add a video clip onto my timeline and then cut it at a certain point, the subtitles keeps getting dragged along with it. Is there any way to circumvent this issue? Thanks in advance.
  10. I was working on a project, saved it, and closed it to resume working later. When I reopened that project, the clips just blink as I scroll through the VideoFiles, and I can't select them. I've waited to see if they needed to load, but nothing seems to be working. Is anyone else having this issue, and if so, is there a way around this? Thanks in advance.
  11. No difference, as the Letterbox simply adds the black borders anyways. I'm just confused as to why one of my projects has this problem and the other doesn't. I've also done some tests, and it turns out that the black borders appear AFTER I insert my MP4 file into the timeline. My guess is that the images automatically transform their aspect ratio to match that of the MP4 file. How do I avoid this?
  12. Yes, the ones in the bin do not have the black borders, and they're at 1920 x 1080. They appear once I insert the images into the sequence.
  13. The thing is, I need the subtitles to be accurate down to the thousandth because I use these as markers during my video. Just being off by a millisecond will throw everything off, since it’s a continuous thing. Version 4.99 (which I’ve been stuck with for the past 5 years or so) never had this issue. I guess I’ll just fix each one every time. And I see, I guess I’ll try that method for the text. Thank you, Nat!
  14. I was working on several projects, and for each, I've added an image to use as my title cards. Theoretically speaking, the title cards should be identical as they are using the exact same ones. However, in one of the projects, there are black borders at the sides. When I checked the image's property for each file, the aspect ratio was the same at 1920 x 1080. There aren't any effects being used either, as they are merely dropped into the timeline. What could be causing this discrepancy amongst the projects? Any help is appreciated.
  15. I was working on a video earlier, and I've run into two main issues while I was adding the subtitles. The first is the overlapping of new subtitles. What happened was, for example, I type something out, and its duration is from 0:00.000 to 0:03.000. And then I try to add another line right after it. When I do this, however, it automatically regresses by 0:00.001, meaning that the newly added subtitle begins at 0:02.999, thereby making me have to fix it for each line. I was wondering if this is a bug, and if there is a way to circumvent this minor inconvenience. Another issue was that sometimes, the subtitles simply refuse to stay at their positions. This usually happens when I set the subtitles at say, Horizontal: 10 and Vertical: 10. The offset is reset whenever I click Apply and exit out, and no matter how many times I've tried to fix it, it just wouldn't budge. Is there something that I'm missing here?
  16. Thank you so much for the help! I was able to contact their support, and I got the discount! I was originally going to just get the Home Version, but decided to go big with the Master. Again, thank you all for your help! I really appreciate it, and Happy Holidays!
  17. Thank you, but I don’t have access to my original account. Apologies for asking, but would there happen to be any other options?
  18. This is embarrassing, but I've not updated my software for over 5 years, and I found out that I'm still on v4.11. I figured it's about time to upgrade, but I've lost my original Gmail account which I used to purchase the software, and now I can't find the registration code. Worst case scenario, I'm find with paying the full $70 for a completely brand new installation, but I figured I should try asking before I make my decision. Any suggestions as to what I could do to retrieve the original registration code?
  19. Sorry, but I don't have WavePad, so I can't answer that.
  20. I've used the link that you posted, and it says that I'm using v8.99 now. From the looks of it, the files seem to be working fine, and I can hear the audio to the aforementioned clips. I'm guessing that what I'm using right now is the trial version. Would I still be able to upload at the highest resolution possible, or must I purchase it anew? I've lost my original Gmail account, so I can't find my registration key code, and in turn, can't get the discount.
  21. I would just cut the MP3 file on the Track and work from there. Let's say this is the MP3 file as it appears on the Track. ---------- Cut it in two places, sandwiching the unwanted part like this. ----|-|---- Then just mute that part. It usually works for me. Hope this helps.
  22. I'll try installing the update. I haven't updated mine for like the past 5 years, so that could be the reason why I've started to have these issues.
  23. I'd just go to Add Blank, pick whichever color of background that I want, drop that into the Track and then type whatever I want in Subtitles.
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