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  1. Hello! Second time posting but with new information. I have a two minute experimental microfilm and I lose important material when exporting to Vimeo. I've played around with all of the different formats and extending the lost clip times and taking general advice I have found in these forums, but I am still not finding the answer. Basically, the clips are a collection from a ipad, an iphone, and my dell computer's internal video recorder, and is a combo of mp4 and mov files. It looks like the Dell video clips are the ones not getting transferred. The Dell clips are in mp4 and are unsucces
  2. Hello! I am new to film editing. I created a microfilm with many clips (about 15-20) in a two minute window, on the same video stream, with three different audio threads. I've repeatedly tried to export to Vimeo but two mini clips (about 3 seconds long each) are lost and are important to the narrative flow. I've played around with format numbers when exporting, but each time those two clips are lost, and sometimes there is a delay or freeze. Is there a recommended format scale for exporting a microfilm with many mini-clips to Vimeo? Thanks.
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