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  1. I currently am trying to learn DJing through VDJ. But I keep having to click everything and moving my mouse and whatnot. And what's more, my mixing is TERRIBLE. So, I'm not sure if I should just keep trying with the mouse or do something different https://showbox.tools/.
  2. When saving a recording as an MP3, a huge chunk of it gets cut off. For example, a 1.5 minute recording saves only 9 seconds and deletes the rest. I can save as a WAV, but even when I do that and then save as an MP3 https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/, it cuts off more than half of it. I upgraded to the latest version last week. Would appreciate your help.
  3. I'm running Express Rip 1.50 on Windows XP and constantly rip books on CD to listen on my IPOD. I'm finding that it doesn't rip the entire track, but not on all the tracks. This is frustrating when listening to the book and you miss some. I can't find anything to address this problem, wondered if anyone knows the solution. Thanks to any or all help.
  4. Hello everyone,, I was experimenting with Wavepad and must have changed settings somehow. Now when I record, it sounds very muffled. Is there a way to display what effects or properties were used in the file so that I can troubleshoot? Or is there a way to return Wavepad to normal recording setup? Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  5. I need to be able to merge two or three different bass clef staves, into just one stave. I am trying to create piano versions of concertos, symphonies, etc. and am using the voices from the basso continuo instruments as the bass clef, (violas, cellos and double bass), but when I import the midi, (and just the selected voices), afterwards I am unable to merge together the two or three staves that represent the left hand chords on a piano. They always come in separately, and I don't want to manually enter thousands of notes on the bass clef, (from the 2 or 3 sets of staves), to make the chords. Thank you, Jinesh.
  6. After a day and a half of fruitless experiments on Wavepad used with the internal mic on my new iMac with Mojave OS, with no input visible on the meters, I was about to give up on WavePad. However, the strange thing was that MixPad registered and recorded a mic signal with no problem. The answer was in a post by Apple, which I only stumbled upon late in the day! Go to the System Preferences menu on the Mac, and select the Security & Privacy icon. On the next window, choose "Privacy" from the 4 tabs. Now select "Microphone" in the left hand window. In the right-hand window, you will find a list of apps which can access the internal microphone, provided their associated tick boxes are selected. Not suprisingly, Wavepad was not selected, but Mixpad was. Somehow in installing MixPad, it selected that option during the install process. Naturally, other audio recording software may also cause mic input problems for the same reason. I hope this is helpful and might avoid you hours of frustration. I think earlier versions of MacOS did not put the microphone input into the privacy section as an additional security measure.
  7. I download Switch sucessfully however when I click on the help menu, there is only a blank window, no manual or instructions Any other way i can get a copy of the manual ???
  8. I downloaded some songs from the internet and I wanted to edit one and It would not show the soundwaves, only one straight line on the middle. I open another song and everything's working fine https://speedtest.vet/. When I open the working one, the "Loading Audio File Source" is filling up, but when I load the other song, it just stars and closes in an instant. Now, what the heck is that, please do tell me https://vidmate.bid/?
  9. Hello everyone,, After installing Voxal Voice Changer, it told me to restart so I did, it took a while and I got impatient so I force shut down my computer and turned it on manually, when I watched a video I found out the audio drivers were ducked up because it told No Audio Output Devices are Installed. Help pls.
  10. Hello everyone,, I am writing a script to deal out cards, but to do that, I want to deal them in a cycle. How do I deal a card to one person, then the next, then the next, and then back to the first one with about a half of a second delay between each dealt card https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/ ???
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