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  1. Drivers were out of date. Many thanks! I always forget to check that when there's an issue.
  2. So I was using the old version of VideoPad and thought the new one might run better, so I shelled out for it. While much better, it's still having the issue of "wow, these basic effects are a lot for me to handle :(" (it's not my computer, I promise lol) and the sequence preview stutters, lags, etc. And I'm fine with that because it exports fine and that's good enough. But right now it's stuttering so badly I'm having issues seeing what I'm doing. What I used to do is lower the sequence preview's resolution which took care of the issue. The problem is I can't figure out how to do it now. It used to be in options, but I don't see it there anymore. How can I lower the sequence preview's resolution so I can check what I'm doing?
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