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  1. Pepin


    SOS I need Help with the zoom moving suddenly back and forth without control... how can I avoid this please??????
  2. Pepin

    Jumping Texts

    Hi Fred, thanks for your answer. I got the screenshot but I don't know how to attach them. This is what happen: when I have my text ready to be placed and I click out of the box, as per the tutorial, the text moves like following the place I clicked. If I click at the left of the box, the text move to the left an so on. I mean, I can't free the text in the position I want. Very frustrating. Thanks for your help!
  3. Pepin

    Jumping Texts

    Hello there, many times when I finish entering a text and I click anywhere outside the box, the text jumps and I can't put it back to it's place. Can anyone help me with this please?
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