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  1. OK, discovered how. You have to end the session (start a new task) then you can edit the previous one. However adjusting the ending time on one task does not adjust the start time of the following task. Also I can edit an end time and have it later than the start time of the next task. Is there a setting for automatic corrections?
  2. I'm testing Hour Guard before buying. I started a new task entry. However I started working on the task earlier. How do I edit or change the start time? For instance I'll answer a phone call and the time is billable. After I finish the call, I start a new task but need the start time to be when I answered the call, say 15 minutes ago. In other situations, I decide a task should have taken less time than it took, so I will set the end time to be earlier so the task duration is less and fairer to the client. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm testing out Hour Guard before I purchase a license. Two questions 1. Hour Guard is always on top in Windows. How to get Hour Guard to allow other windows to be on top, I need to work in other windows. I would like Hour Guard to behave like other Windows that what ever Window has the focus that window is on top. 2. Others have commented that task notes are not printed in reports. Has that been resolved? I need to provide detailed invoices and I use my notes to summarize into a few lines what I worked on. The notes are my reminders. thanks,
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