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  1. borate: yes, link you provided I tried as well. Plus others to check. And from another computer. Nationalsolo: thanks
  2. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your responses, but I'm afraid that I already knew all of the above. I was merely making improvement suggestions. 1) The buttons you reference are "clips" jumps and if you only have one clip in your video, it's not much help. 2) WavePad is only for trial and once it's used up it will only let you use it if you pay for it. I was suggesting an add-on with only a few more features even if you have to pay a small amount for this add on it would be helpful as you wouldn't need the full version. 3) I will try to re-install software repeatedly and
  3. First, I'd like to say a big thank you for a great software! It's far superior to most out there! I use almost all features for my hobby making homemade videos and have worked with video editing both as a hobby and also in my professional life. That said, I wanted to suggest a few things that I feel would get your software a bit closer to perfection, so here they are: 1) The timeline and working on clips can be time consuming and I find that it would be so helpful if there was an extra button next to "previous frame/next frame" called e.g. "go back 5 secs" or "go forward 5 secs" (or 3
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