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  1. The image file I linked has transparency. To be exact, the Opacity / Alpha level is 127 The image you attached does not have transparency. You can't see the background through the ghost. See https://imgur.com/a/mDM6I50 to see the difference, I took your picture and used Paint.net to overlay the picture (where transparency of the file "Red ghost transparent with opaque outline.png" is preserved, unlike in VideoPad when appying an effect). In essence your example illustrates the problem I'm asking about.
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/17YRZDHCTj2oUcGRPP4qfgsHYzcirjB7m/view?usp=sharing
  3. I have a transparent image I want to overlay on the video, but overlaying it causes it to be stretched to fill the screen and positioned in the middle. Trouble is, adding any effect (scale, position, movement, etc) causes the image to become 100% opaque: https://imgur.com/a/NP487P0 At first I thought the trick was to add the "Transparency" effect last in the chain, but that affects the parts that weren't transparent in the original (in this instance the dark lines are opaque to give a clear outline - but this 'fix' causes the lines to be as transparent as the coloured parts). I can't find any way to avoid this. Is this a bug or is there a better way to do this? Sorry for spamming the forum so much, I still have so much to learn about editing and how to use VideoPad.
  4. Dual Previews is absolutely super helpful, and does indeed help me with positioning! This will help me a lot next time. I know someone suggested it in the previous thread and I should have checked it out immediately. Anyway, thanks! Using the [left][middle][right][top][middle][bottom] doesn't do any good though, as my screenshot (https://imgur.com/a/ro37xvP) showed. I was however finally able to finish the project by ignoring anything that was close enough and only fixing the positions that were way off. The end result is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9thgJTnbOQ with a good example of what I wanted to accomplish at the 1:37 mark -0-0- I also found that the problem seems to be related to re-changing the positions. That is to say: I drag the text to where I want it, then a little later decide I want to move it a little. I now believe this is triggering the problem, the text gets "anchored" at a position and further moving after that causes problems. I also think that sometimes when I drag the text the application lags out a little, thus "anchoring" at an unpredictable spot. This could explain how it seems so random. -0-0- I just made a short recording where I show the problem. I open the project file I have been working on, move a text instance, go to another text instance on the timeline that I expected would be moving on its own to show it, saved and closed the project, opened it and voilá: It had indeed moved. It doesn't move so much that it's easy to spot just with your eyes, because the preview pane is scaled down after all. But when I show the 'So fast' text, hold a piece of paper up to the screen left of the text to see where it is, and when I get back to that text after loading the project again, you will see that it has moved to the left. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xurRVFfFB5Q The first time 'So fast' is shown is at the 1:27 mark The second time when it has moved is at the 2:05 mark Note: the video was just uploaded, it will be easier to see once Youtube has processed the recording to HD
  5. It seems that when VideoPad is calculating offset on Simple Overlay Text it tends to move them slightly to the left and/or slightly downwards. I suspect this happens when the project is loaded and the timeline gets populated. This happens on version 8.97 and a couple of previous versions as well. It does not happen consistently on all text clips, and I struggle to find a pattern. The crashes also seem related to handling of Simple Overlay Text - or creation/manipulation of objects. I suspect this has something to do with me having many objects/instances and VideoPad/my CPU can't handle the load. Typically it crashes as I'm creating a new Simple Text Overlay or while I'm moving it in the preview window. All of this is related to the difficulty of placing text in VideoPad. The sliders for Position FX aren't intuitive the same way as using drag and drop in the preview window is. I also wish you got to move text directly in the Sequence preview window like you can with images, rather than the Clip preview. That way you'd be able to see how the text looks on top of the video while moving it, which would save me the workaround I had to create: I've created placeholders for the different positions I want the text in with transparent images, and when I click one of those and then double click the text I want to move, I get to see the position of the image I last clicked while moving the text. But this creates a motion FX even though I'm not creating motion, just changing position (although if you do this and then check FX, there is seemingly no FX at all added.) And i suspect the motion FX creates a bigger load on my CPU and VideoPad than position FX does. And I have about 500 of these. See https://imgur.com/a/ro37xvP for illustration of what I'm doing. As you see, here I can move the text 'So fast' relative to the position that is outlined: https://imgur.com/a/SlLXeHH
  6. I'm doing a lot of manual subtitles for some game footage where I place the text relative to which character speaks. The text is stationary, but each text instance needs a specific position. My problem is that the positions get altered slightly every time I close and open the project. So right now I'm stuck in a round-a-loop: Step 1: Fix the first 5 or so text positions. Step 2: Save and close (because Videopad also keeps crashing a lot these days) Step 3: Open Videopad, load project, see that the saved positions are correct. Step 4: Fix the next 5 or so text positions Step 5: Save and close Step 6: Open Videopad, load project, discover that the last 5 are now correct and first 5 are now wrong. Step 7: Go to step 1 and cry. That's the short version, but sometimes I get to fix 15 to 20 text positions, but also sometimes that many get changed to a wrong position again. I am so close to giving up, because between the crashes of the software and the struggle to get the text positions right this project has taken me at least 6 more hours than it should and now I can't seem to get it finished. I have close to 400 text instances. There seems to be no way I'll be able to fix them all and export a video without Videopad crashing, and saving doesn't work. The crashes started with Videopad saying there's an update, but I don't dare update because I'm afraid the old .vpj file wont be compatible and because updating always causes Videopad to no longer be free and then I'll have only one attempt at fixing and exporting before I have to uninstall completely and redownload the free version. Things I have tried: Clearing cache Deleting the text instance I want to change and add a new one with the right position Changing just one and saving and closing and reopening
  7. New discovery: It's scaling via FX menu that causes it. Scaling by hand (grabbing the scale line directly at the image) doesn't cause issues, scaling via menu does. EDIT: And it's because offsetting the image counts as motion FX, not Scaling FX, despite Scaling FX having both a scale and two offset options (that aren't used when doing it by hand). -0-0- And after taking a break I realized: So that means I need to use Motion FX, not Scale FX, on the assets (or source or files or whatever). That way I can preset scale for all instances. Sometimes you just need to state the problem out loud or in writing to get a fresh perspective.
  8. I have several images I want to overlay and position relative to the background. They will be reused at different occasions, and will require different positions at different times. So I added the pictures, made sure to scale them all at source (or whatever it's called, top left pane where you choose what files to manipulate) and then I discovered a problem. When I try to offset them (because I need to see the background to get the right placement) they get cut off at an invisible border. The first 5 images have been scaled down at source, leaving the last three as is https://imgur.com/a/Q1JlPYl). But when I try to overlay the first image and move it (offseting it) it gets cut off https://imgur.com/a/7ekFkXU. However, if I don't scale the images at source I won't get this problem. I can then overlay them, scale them and offset them over the background. Adding unscaled image and scaling directly on timeline https://imgur.com/a/3l1GXwz. Moves just fine: https://imgur.com/a/DWIrb6V. This has got to be a bug, right? What am I not getting? EDIT: No, I'm using the wrong FX, I should use Motion FX, not Scale FX. Counter intuitive, but it works.
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