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  1. I downloaded it from this link: Download | Audacity ® (audacityteam.org) Once it's downloaded you drag each file into the window - I did it individually - you click Effect then Amplify on the dropdown. Once you've done that you go to the dropdown where Analyze is and click the measure button - it'll tell you how high the peak is. Then just save it as normal to where ever you want it. Hope this helps!
  2. Cool! I'm working with them too! I had that last test rejected yesterday so I've downloaded Audacity, as they suggested, and have finally got the levels between -18 and -23. This is my 30th submission so I too was really mystified by the rejections... The lady from AR was really helpful, said that Audible were coming down and not accepting anything outside their requirements - maybe they're being inundated with audiobooks and need to clamp down.. who knows .. Anyway great chatting and all the best with your audiobook business!
  3. Are you doing audiobooks Jack? We must be living in a parallel universe if you are as I've just submitted my latest at -20dB too! Fingers crossed I get the green light on Monday
  4. Thanks for posting this question Jack! I would really appreciate an answer to this too!!
  5. Is anyone able to help me change my levels from -24 and -27dB to -18 and -23dB RMS on wavepad?? If anyone can help me do this I would be most appreciative :) Thank you heaps and heaps in advance!
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