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  1. https steaming. I have just contacted "suggestions" again about up dating Broadwave to run https streams as well as http streams. This is now becoming a problem for me, because most radio portals (Tunein, etc.) and web browsers are now beginning to reject http streams in favour of https only streams. Is any body else having this problem. if so, then contact http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/ and tell them so. If enough people want it NCH may consider updating Broadwave to run https. I think it would be a good up date to an otherwise good software.
  2. Bob here, (registered user). Same Here again. I am trying to set up on Tunein and they require an HTTPS stream. My current Broadwave stream is;- Tunein have told me that unless my stream is HTTPS://, they can't even consider it for inclusion on there site. This is a big problem, SO , come on NCH, provide us with HTTPS streams. I have no complaints about Broadwave apart from this. I have been using Broadwave for years and it has been rock solid.
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