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  1. Hi there, I'm just trying the Debut Video Capture Software for public webcam recording and although it seems to be quite powerfull I have an issue when recording anything longer (minutes). It image stops after a few minutes and an error occurs "an error occurred durring the recording, if the error persists try reducing the video source/output resolution or using another output format. I tried that without any positive effect. I ratther guess the public webcam might have some sort of setting requiring it to be refreshed after while and I was wondering if there i any function the Debut software could deal with that - maybe automatically refresh the "page" every x minutes as well? I´m happy to pay for a pro version if there is such function. FYI - I record this video for the purpose of a traffic monitoring in conjuction with a traffic noise monitoring. Normally we have our own camera out there on a street, but using a fixed wecam woudl be just so much easier! Thanks The webcam is http://streamer.pb.cz:8007/
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