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    saving files

    also, just figured out that i can delete “recent” files which reinforces my thinking that these are stored within the app.
  2. perk1329

    saving files

    i’m confused about saving files. if i save->save-file a new file it does not give me the option to choose a destination. i can’t find it, where it’s saved? or does it only work for edited files, not new ones? save->save-as requires a destination and works as expected.save->upload-file-to-cloud-service does the same thing and if that isn’t enough options cloud->upload-file-to-cloud-service does also. what is with all the duplication? occasionally when i return to wavepad the file i was working on is gone and it asks me if i want it reloaded. i find that i can get it much faster by going to home->file->open-recent-files than reloading. is this because wavepad is saving files in the app? how long are they stored? any help understanding this is appreciated.
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